About M-TIBA

"Changing lives"

M-TIBA began as a service on mobile phone that allows one to save, send, and spend funds specifically for medical treatment. M-TIBA has evolved to be also a health finance platform, integrating payments and revolutionizing health schemes to drive healthcare inclusion in Africa.

It enables users to send, save or spend on healthcare and helps insurers, donors and governments to distribute benefits efficiently and transparently. MTIBA empowers the user to make informed decisions on how to access and finance healthcare.

Why use M-TIBA

Partnering Providers

YYour beneficiaries can choose from a wide range of healthcare providers accepting M-TIBA payments. M-TIBA is present country-wide. Our healthcare providers range from low-end to the very high-end providers, giving beneficiaries a wide range of choice of healthcare providers to meet different categories of health schemes and healthcare needs.

Saving Scheme

M-TIBA enables users to save funds that can be used to mitigate a health emergency. MTIBA also enables users to deposit funds to friends and relatives’ MTIBA for their medical needs. This creates an environment of trust and security since MTIBA funds can only be used for accessing healthcare at MTIBA healthcare providers.

Empower Others

MTIBA facilitates staff schemes, donor funded programs, private and public insurance among other large scale schemes. Use M-TIBA to empower your relatives, friends and staff to visit a doctor when they need to, sooner rather than later. Send money to their M-TIBA and kick start them save for healthcare, so they no longer need to rely on fundraising for health emergencies.

No Extra Cost

Registering onto M-TIBA is free. Saving in your own M-TIBA from your M-PESA is free of charge. Sending money to another person's MTIBA attracts the normal M-PESA Pay Bill transaction fees.

Sustainable Development Goals

M-TIBA’s goal of deepening healthcare inclusion in Kenya is enabling realization of sustainable development goals.